University of Arizona Department of Pediatrics/Banner Health

Phone: 520-694-KIDS (5437)
Dr. Sydney Rice
Dr. Catherine Riley
Dr. Margaret Trouard

Integrative Developmental Pediatrics:
Phone: 520-247-0405
Dr. Sharon McDonough-Means

Retired PHD:
Phone: 520-219-2919
Dr. June Wood
$125 out of pocket

Phone: 520-296-4280
Dr. Kevin Leehey

Dr. Adolfo Martinez (Adults & Children)
Phone: 520-866-0512
Address: 7362 North La Cholla Blvd

Dr. Everett Rogers (Adults & Children)
Phone: 520-623-9833
Address: 5055 East Broadway Blvd

Phone: 520-836-4280 (Adults & Children)
Dr. Janna Kautz

Phone: 520-352-9955
Dr. Richard D Jennen

Phone: 520-404-7553
Dr. Patricia Beldotti (Adults & Children)

Phone: 520-325-6633
Dr. Hector Barillas (Adults & Children)

Phone: 520-299-1224
Dr. Renee Gutman

Phone: 520-330-9414
Dr. Kathleen Campbell

Phone: 520-795-7750
Center for Neurosciences

Behavioral Health/Must qualify for AHCCS:
Phone: 866-495-6738
Cenpatico Integrated Care & Health Net of Arizona

Phone: 800-944-7611
Arizona Children’s Association

Phoenix Children’s Hospital (Children 5 years and under)
Dr. Robin Blitz
Phone: 602-933-0970, press 2
Phone: 480-661-1332

The Melmed Center
Phone: 480-443-0050, press 4 for new patients
Does not accept state insurance

Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC)
Phone: 602-340-8717

Southwest Center for Autism (Children 5 years and under)
Phone: 602-468-3430

Gentry Pediatric Behavioral Services
Phone: 602-312-2911

Dr. Cynthia Hoard
Phone: 602-616-9682

The Nichols Group
Phone: 480-998-2303

Dr. Karlsson Roth
Phone: 602-488-3595

The Serin Center
Phone: 623-824-5051

Dr. Amanda Wood
Phone: 602-237-6653

Dr. Lanie Zigler
Phone: 602-996-1200