Social Butterflies Club

We have partnered with Jenny's Speech & Learning Clinic to offer virtual social skills classes for children with autism.

The Social Skills Program offers opportunities for children to practice social skills that foster authentic social interactions that foster the development of friendships.  

"My child has benefited from the social cues presented in Social Butterflies, as well as by the social connections she made with her peers. I could tell she felt comfortable in a non-judgemental group who weren't "put off" by her quirks or difficulty in staying focused. She connected with one child in particular and they continue to chat on Zoom for an extended period of time after the Social Butterflies session each week. She looks forward to the session each week and it has been amazing to see her growth from those connections." Parent of a child who completed the Social Butterflies program.

ASSA offers scholarships for the program and this is no cost to families. Please sign up for emails and follow our social media accounts to learn about upcoming programs.


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