Autism Friendly Communities Program

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About the Program

It is our mission to create a community where individuals with Autism are accepted and included in meaningful and supportive environments. The aim of this program is to provide Autism training to businesses, schools, and agencies so they can provide supportive spaces where Autistic individuals can thrive.

Training Delivery

ASSA personalizes each training for your agency to deliver quality and professional training that will equip your team with knowledge on ASD to better support Autistic individuals and their families. We deliver training to your organization, school, and business. ASSA will evaluate the needs of your organization through and design a training that meets your needs.  ASSA will provide a proposal and service agreement to your organization. Once signed by all parties, the training will be scheduled and delivered.


Our team will partner with your organization to identify what resources, support, and training that will best suit your needs. Then we will create a training around supporting those needs. This can be anything from inclusion in the classroom to accommodation in the workplace. 

Training Outcomes

When an organization invests time in learning about ASD and supporting Autistic individuals, they are contributing to a more inclusive community and setting up the individual for success. Autism education will provide a foundation of knowledge to better understand and support Autistic individuals in your environment. Training will increase the skill set of your staff and will contribute to a more inclusive and successful environment for everyone.

Here are a few learning outcomes that our trainings can provide:

  1. Learn about the characteristics of Autism and its prevalence.
  2. Improve awareness for students, staff, and others affected by Autism.
  3. Increase understanding of how Autism affects individuals in their daily experiences.
  4. Create new strategies for inclusion and accommodations. 
  5. Identify how you and your organization can be an Ally to the Autistic community in all the work you do. 

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Organizations We Have Trained

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