The Autism Society of Southern Arizona Starfish Award

The Starfish Award was started to recognize those who are working to support the Autism community of Southern Arizona.

There is a story often told of a young man walking down the beach throwing starfish stranded on the sand back into the ocean as he walks. Another man approaches him and says “Why are you bothering? You will never save them all!” The young man throws another starfish back into the sea and responds, “But it matters to that one.”

Every day we have the opportunity to improve the lives of those around us. We at the Autism Society of Southern Arizona strive to make Southern Arizona an amazing place to be Autistic through community building, advocacy, and training throughout the community. We want to honor those who are working towards this mission with us in big and small ways. When we work together to make a difference our actions build on each other and to create stronger communities.

We will be awarding one Starfish Award a month and once a year a Superstar Award to someone making an extra impact.

Do you know someone who is working to make the lives of Autistic individuals better and helping to support the Autistic community?
A teacher who goes the extra mile, a therapist who makes an effort to understand, someone creating programming or working to make a space more inclusive? Please email your nominations to

Autism Society Recognizes New Internship Program

The Autism Society of Southern Arizona recognized the College of Engineering and its collaborators for creating a new internship program. The society’s Starfish Award honors those who contribute to the autistic community.

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